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Whether you have started your own home or community garden like a seasoned pro or a newbie like me it's important to start considering how to become more self-sustainable as we move through these times. There are various gardening and permaculture workshops up and running in our local communities now as the collective starts moving towards creating the new.

Shambhala Farm - Doonan, Sunshine Coast



Shambhala’s 12 Week Food Growing Course

Join us for 12 weeks of learning filmed live from our living classroom at Shambhala Farm, a 12-acre organic yoga & permaculture farm – and get ready to plant the seeds for abundant change in your life.

The Shambhala 12 Week Food Growing Course – with Shambhala Farm crew and the owners and teachers Craig and Chrissy Hubbard. We are here to help you grow the abundant, healthy life you truly want, one small step at a time.

Sound good? We open  Shambhala 12 Week Food Growing Course for bookings a few times a year, so jump on the waitlist and we’ll let you know when you can join us. To find out more click here

The Lighthouse, Regenerative Organic Farm, Woombye


Jim Hodgetts and Julia Peddie run regular courses in Syntropic farming on their demonstration organic farm in Woombye. Jim has been providing the Sunshine Coast with organic food for 20 years and has farmed all his adult life. Following a recent trip to Brazil in 2014 where Jim discovered 'agroforestry, he has transformed his permaculture farm with treelines, log paths and tons of tree mulch, building black soil and a complex mycelium network in the process.

In this one day intensive workshop, participants will receive a condensed version of our previous 4 week, weekly course 'Backyard Farming the Syntropic Way'. From Compost to plate you will learn how to grow organic food with high yields, reduced water, improved soil and control pests. 
Suitable for beginners and advanced gardeners alike.


For more info check out https://www.lighthouseregenerativefarm.com/courses.html


Essence of Permaculture

A summary of permaculture concept and principles taken from Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren.

It contains an introduction to permaculture, thoughts about the future of the movement and the values and use of the permaculture principles. A great way to expand your knowledge in preparation for the full-length book. This PDF eBook contains interactivity that is best viewed using Adobe Reader.





Essence of Permaculture

A simple guide

A simple illustrated guide for the beginner to show you how to grow your own food and whilst taking care of the environment.

For your Free Agroforestry guide click here

The Bush Tucker Survival Guide

"Aboriginal people have occupied the Australian continent for at least forty thousand years, and over this time they have found ways of surviving that reveals an extensive and detailed knowledge of the environment. Their understanding of native plants goes far beyond just knowing what is edible. They used plants for healing, medicine, weapons and tools.


They understood the changes of the seasons and the life cycles of animals and plants, and how these processes affected their own survival. However, current knowledge of Aboriginal diet and herbal medicine is quite limited, since the Aboriginal lifestyle was obliterated long before it could be recorded.

The Australian bush contains a bounty of wild edible plant species that runs into the thousands, ranging from starchy seeds and tangy fruits to mushrooms, tubers, leaves and seaweeds. However, knowing how to identify edible plants is not easy. The knowledge Aboriginal people have about which plants are edible, which plants are poisonous, and which plants are poisonous but can be prepared in certain ways that make them safe to eat would have been acquired over generations (6,000 years) of trial and error."

The Bush tucker survival guide website is literally a wealth of important information when it comes to learning about wild bush foods, medicines, water, permaculture, health, Australian wildlife, animal foods, resources and life skills. To learn more please click here it really is an invaluable resource!