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Business Guide 

A simple and practical guide for business owners. Seperating the myths from the facts.

Letter of Non -Consent

Questions to ask employers enforcing  the 'jab'

Mandating Jab template letter to employer/organisation

Vaccine declination letter to employer

Various face mask studies to show their ineffectiveness

Notice of Non- Consent to Vaccination/PCR Testing/Mask Wearing/QR- Scanning for a minor

The Australia Project

The Australia Project.org has a whole array of cease and desist letter templates that can be emailed or sent via post to doctors, pharmacists, police and military personnel etc. This is a united, coordinated and peaceful effort to make the necessary changes and for those obediently following orders to sit up and pay attention, it's all about strength in numbers with 500,000 patriots sending 10 letters a week that's 5 million letters that cannot be ignored!!

A list of downloadable letters are available below. Please review the instructions for how to best use these resources.

Cease and Desist letter for doctors click here

Cease and Desist letter for Pharmacists click here

Advisory to Police and Military Personnel click here

Police Whistleblower letter click here

NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous when sending cease and desist letters via email, you can use a disposable temporary email address like the ones available at https://www.sharklasers.com/ which provide temporary email addresses, with no registration, valid for 1 hour, to help you avoid spam.

Join The Australia Project on telegram at https://t.me/TheAustraliaProject 

or at www.theaustraliaproject.org