Sun, 16 May | Bli Bli

Sunshine Coast Common law assembly meeting

Sunshine Coast Common law assembly meeting

Time & Location

16 May, 2:00 pm
Bli Bli, 87 Willis Rd, Bli Bli QLD 4560, Australia

About the Event

There are growing calls among the SC Assembly members for us to convene our common law court. The time for education is past. The people are demanding action! So, Mike will propose that we prepare to conduct a court on May 16. If the people we first elected are unable to start their court he will propose a new election. If you are ready to convene a court, please come and let it be known.  The government is imposing new Covid restrictions, demanding that we all comply with the requirement to log in anywhere we go by scanning the QR code. We must fight back. Here is what we propose: Go to the website and download the documents from this page:

  1. Whenever you go anywhere and they demand you sign in, REFUSE! tell them you don't have a phone, and hand them the Covid Condional Consent Privacy Act form. Ask them to read it and then sign. Or, if they refuse you can, and will, summon them to a Common Law court to be tried before a Jury of 12. It's time for us to push back!
  2. Every Business Owner needs to know about Covid Directives. Get educated. Know your rights. (As of JANUARY 2021) – PRIVACY ACT 1988 SEC 94 H – Section 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution – State law cannot conflict with Constitutional law – Disability Discrimination Act 1992 sec 6 & 4 – The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act – Part 2 Section 8
  3. If you are threatened with dismissal from your job if you do not get vaccinated, give your boss this Cease and Desist warning letter. It explains that they are committing a Federal Crime by breaching the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Section 51(xxiiiA)
  4. Write to your insurance company(s) and ask if they cover Covid19 adverse effects, including Death and Injury. If they reply that they do not, tell them you will cancel your policy unless they do....and Do It!
  5. We need to form teams of 2 or 3 people to target a specific local business area and go to each business to tell them politely they do not have to obey the Covid restrictions, give them the Business Pack, and point out that they can put our notice at the front of their premises to inform the government thugs they have no authority in their shop. The business pack also includes a Cease and Desist notice to the police. Let's organize our teams and start doing tis in earnest now! Download the Business Pack from the Downloads page.
  6. We supply Flyers at each meeting, but if you want to make your own, please do so. Make sure you include the website address and QR code pointing to the website so that people can find us easily.

Our rights and freedoms are under attack. We have convened our Assembly to protect our community. The above are all proactive steps we can take. And by acting we can inspire others to join us too. We cannot just go to meetings and do nothing any more. The government is not sitting still. We must be active too! See you at our meeting. And don't forget to BRING A FRIEND! Warm Regards, Mike Holt - assembly convener

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