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Health & Immunity

Here at unity-community, we are all about empowering others to take their health back into their own hands.  We believe healing and health come from within, that you are the healer.
In this section, we would love to share some hints, tips and suggestions from our community members who come from various health fields such as homeopathy, nutrition, herbalism and nursing.

Thyroid Healing

As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and someone who once had my own thyroid issues, I know only too well the daily struggles, fighting fatigue, brain fog, low energy as well as adrenal and liver issues etc. After 10 years on thyroid medications, I suddenly broke the 'spell' and realised that healing was not only innate but absolutely possible not just for me but for everyone.

One of the key factors is changing our belief system to one that aligns with ourselves instead of external influences. Secondly, it's about the food, the food is the medicine! So we need to be extremely mindful and intentional about what's on the end of our forks, and ask, are we feeding disease or health? 

Thirdly it's about releasing our deep-rooted and blocked emotions/traumas, instead of suppressing or depressing them down over and over, time and time again. Removing the mask, the avatar of the character we are playing and letting the real us emerge and be seen. Anger in particular and the suppression of our truth is one emotion in particular that many with thyroid issues struggle with and this is the physical manifestation of this.

Fourth it's about being consciously open and willing to flipping your life around and removing all that no longer resonates, whether that be people, places or things. If it doesn't make you feel good it has to go! Energy really is everything and it's one of the most powerful things that influence our life more than most people truly realise. Humanity as a whole is traumatised due to living in a system that insults the human soul daily, whether it be the 'school system', the 'family system', money system or dare I say it the 'health care system' they are all control systems to varying degrees.

We are in a time now where we have a unique opportunity to turn it around, to align with ourselves and with natures principles, it starts with us, one by one.

I have attached some pdf files that can assist those of you who are not only wishing to get thyroid healthy but heart healthy and body healthy. This is designed to help those who are ready to get back on the path to wellness to gently cleanse and purify not only their body but mind. Please feel free to download, keep what resonates discard what does not. HAPPY HEALING!

Also known as the Univeral Antidote

Miracle Mineral Solution /chlorine dioxide solution

If someone showed you something that could eradicate all dis-ease that allowed the body to cure itself, you'd probably think they were crazy. Surely if such a thing existed, it would be available everywhere and all the doctors would be recommending it..... Or would they?

Unfortunately, these health protocols are hidden from the public because they would bring an end to the pharmaceutical giants, who, remember, only make money if you're sick!

Sadly the controlled narrative around these products is that they are dangerous or harmful.  If that was really the truth, do you think that the men who have brought these incredible protocols to us would be walking free?  Do you think that there would be thousands and thousands of testimonials of people who have healed from many different diseases thanks to these protocols.

What is MMS / CDS?

Let me share with you the story of MMS discovered by Jim Humble in this beautiful 30 minute film made by Sacha Stone. (Be sure to bookmark this page if you need to come back to this later.) 

Now you have met Jim, who I think we can agree is a very humble soul. His story and all the subsequent testimonials are nothing short of miraculous. Now I'd like to introduce you to Andreas Kalcker, who has passionately worked alongside Jim, and refined the MMS to create CDS which is just as effective but a little easier on our systems. In this fascinating interview with Andreas, he covers more of the science involved with CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) and how it works

I was blown away at how CDS uses oxygen to literally "burn" any pathogens (including viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, etc) in the body. 

To help you to understand, here is a quote from Andreas' book 

"Forbidden Health".

"The minute we are born, we start breathing and filling our lungs with the most abundant oxidant in the world: oxygen (O2 )! Oxygen allows us to survive on our own and is vital to our lives. For starters, we fill the red blood cells in our lungs with oxygen, eliminating the “polluting” CO2 through exhalation. We are just doing the same thing a combustion engine does, only more efficiently. Aside from taking in oxygen and eliminating CO2 , we also alkalinize the body with every breath we take."

There are so many protocols and testimonials from people right across the world that have healed their illness, diseases, 'viruses', skin conditions etc, that you really cannot deny it. It's amazing also for oxygenating the blood. I will leave you with one final documentary as well as some links to testimonies and protocols for your perusal.

Universal Antidote
The science and story of chlorine dioxide

MMS/CDS Protocols

MMS/CDS Testimonials



The liver stores an abundance of zinc because it knows people are zinc deficient, in part due to the lack of it in the food we eat. Without zinc, your liver can’t perform its functions that protect your whole body, so despite its zinc storage, your liver always needs more, because the zinc output needed to respond to the mental and physical demands upon us is high. The onslaught of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, in particular, drains our zinc reserves. 

One specific purpose of zinc reserves is to eliminate toxic forms of copper that are always high inside the liver and that can cause the organs harm. If someone is so zinc-deficient that even the liver’s zinc reserves have dropped to a dangerous level, that person can develop a host of viral related autoimmune diseases and illnesses. Zinc helps the liver’s immune system fend off every unfriendly microorganism that enters the liver.”


Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, helps increase our blood’s white count by strengthening our neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, and macrophages; and generally boosts the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other unwanted fungus. This makes getting an adequate amount of vitamin C essential if you are battling a chronic illness or symptom.

The right kind of vitamin C also helps to cleanse the liver, blood and lymph, strengthen the adrenal glands, repair damaged neurotransmitters, and restore the central nervous system. It also helps the body to detox effectively, which is a challenge many chronically ill people face until they get the right detox-supporting nutrients.

Vitamin C also strengthens all levels of the liver’s personalized immune system. The liver uses vitamin C in all of its over 2,000 chemical functions. It not only detoxifies and cleanses the liver; it can also stop a sluggish liver, loosen and disperse fat cells stored inside the liver, and help the liver recover after bouts of stress-related adrenaline surges. Vitamin C can also help stop and repair scar tissue deep in the liver’s core. It can also help with nodules, tumours, and cysts.

There are many vitamins/minerals that are beneficial not all need to be supplemented, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables can help us maintain healthy levels but where this is not possible supplements are a good option. is a great high frequency/ high quality online shop that stocks an array of beneficial supplements for your own individual needs. I mention them purely as a personal recommendation and nothing else.