Community Involvement

One of Unity's past projects involve training individuals to install The McHeat Bank System.  From 1981 - 1984, the organization implemented its housing rehabilitation program. Youth received extensive training in the various skilled trades such as: construction, plumbing, and masonry.

history of unity community

Unity Community 



In 1984, McAfee founded Community Renaissance Manufacturing Company.  The organization was created to combat high heating/cooling costs.  Mr. McAfee lived in the Boston Edison District (a historic community) located within the City of Detroit.  It was discovered that residents of the Boston Edison District were being charged higher rates as compared to residents in suburban communities.  He protested these unfair gas rates being charged to individuals based on race and line-districting.  

The gas company's inaction was the catalyst which led him to invent a heating/cooling system that would off-set high energy costs.  He called it the McHeat Bank.  The systems was designed to reduce energy costs from 50% - to over 90%.   A functional prototype of the McHeat Bank was placed in various homes (Mrs. Burton, Detroit - Michigan; boxing champion Muhammad Ali and others) through its pilot program.  All of The McHeat Bank Systems were certified by (Rama RAO & Alfred, Inc.; Detroit, Michigan).

The Reverend Dr. Garnell H. McAfee  

He was an inventor, motivator and engineer.  A pioneer of promoting God's system of goodwill and financial freedom. In pursuing financial backing for his invention (The McHeat Bank), he encountered numerous obstacles.  Dr. McAfee suffered rejections and broken promises from investors, city, state, and various federal agencies. He overcame attacks from radio, television and other news media. These entities attacked Dr. McAfee's vision, character and organization. Through it all, He still remained steadfast to his purpose of building a viable business community that would uplift not only the downtown district but also, residential communities within the City of  Detroit.

After finding no open doors, Dr. McAfee learn how to use the following high financial instruments: Prime Bank Notes (PBN), Letters of Credit (LC), 7-1/2 10s and 7-1/2 20s.  Furthermore, he learned off-shore banking and its corresponding laws.  These are some of the same principles of high finance that Lee Iacocca used to rescue the Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy.  Dr. McAfee's strategy was to implement these same principles in an effort to secure funds and bring his organization out of financial distress.