Unity Community 


The late Rev. Dr. Garnell H. McAfee was instrumental in acquiring the former

J. L. Hudson real estate for the

Unity Community Membership.

Historical viewpoint



Our organization is leading the way in the development of small businesses; within an ever changing financial and global landscape; our managers/stakeholders believe a unified community can accomplish the unthinkable.

We have an extensive history of providing opportunities for all who seek to improve their personal lives and make a tremendous economic impact where they live and work. The answers to the woes of our communities reside in the entrepreneur spirit of its people. We only need to provide honest leadership and varied resources to unlock their potential so our communities can truly flourish.


We serve a wide range of individuals from all cultural groups. Every prospective entrepreneur is valued greatly. Each business owner benefits from the depth of our overall knowledge, wisdom and expertise.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSes standing strong - thriving in the marketplace.