Ascension is happening

No government or NWO can stop it either. We passed the threshold to seal the positive timeline and absolutely nothing can prevent it! You see this is far greater than the 3D narrative that you see playing out in the mainstream, they know this is happening and they also know we have already won. So the aim here is to keep people in fear which in turn lowers our vibration thus preventing us from ascension and holding us to the old earth.

This is a time to be mindful of what we are consuming mentally, physically and emotionally and being aware of what is lowering our energy and what is raising it. If certain things, people or places are not making you feel so good then this is an indication to stop giving it your time or energy, to simply take a break or remove yourself. Instead immerse yourself in the things that make you feel good, be in nature whether it be grounding in your backyard or swimming in the ocean and everything in between, these are the things that will feed your soul and keep you connected to mother earth. This is a time to go within and listen to your own voice and turn down the volume of the outside world, do not get caught up in the politics nor attach to the drama unfolding, simply observe, not absorb.

Even for those of us who can see what's at play, fear is very much present especially if you are only seeing it through the 3rd dimensional lens, for this is not the only dimension there is. The universe is vast and there are many other dimensions, there always has been, this is much bigger than what our perceptions and senses would have us believe because whether we want to believe it or not, we have all been programmed and still are to varying levels /degree's which can prevent us from truly seeing what's beyond the veils of illusion or even accepting the larger truths of our universe.

No matter what plays out remember it is all going to collapse and crumble it has already begun, even if right now it doesn't feel like it on the physical realm. Stay in your heart space, do the things that bring you joy and stay out of the fear. Radiate love, stay connected to those that make you feel good, collaborate, co-create the future you want to see. Together we have got this, keep the faith and know you are never alone.

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